Girls Layered Skirt from Made

I admit I am a selfish sewer but the guilt sometimes creeps in especially when it comes to kids clothing. They require smaller pieces of fabric and less time so why I put it off I’m not sure. And to be honest, I have been purchasing more fabric lately with kids clothing in mind so I thought I would bite the bullet.

I used the tutorial for “The Layered Skirt” from Made. I have used this tutorial once before and it worked flawlessly previously so I went right ahead. I had bought some fat quarters with a kids project in mind as I like the way the fabric matching has already been done for you, just grab a bundle and run. Naturally the size of each piece was 50cm x 52cm (100% cotton) and the fabrics were posy retro bloom in red, posy hibiscus in blue and some plain indigo. The hardest part was deciding the order of fabric for the skirt. I was able to get a completed skirt with hardly any scraps for my eldest.


The pieces of fabric I cut were 42cm by 4 inch wide for the connectors (sorry about the mish mash of units of measure) and 52cm by 4 inch for the ruffle pieces. So I cut 6 of each and joined 2 together to make a complete circle only because I was restricted due to fabric size otherwise they would have been 84cm and 112cm respectively. I used the corresponding colour for the connector to the ruffle below. I followed the instructions as written. For the ruffles I roll hemmed prior to gathering and sewing on to the connector pieces.

layers                                                                              hems

For the elastic I used 3cm wide elastic and cut a 50cm length, allowing for about 1 inch overlap. All my seams were neatened with the overlocker.


All in all a very satisfying project that took 1 night to complete and we got the thumbs up due to twirl factor with a request for more pink next time.

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