The Schoolday Skirt, First One Breaks the Rules, Second is Bright As ……

I read a post recently from Kristy, author of Lower Your Presser Foot, about how she has imposed some sewing rules, one of which was to deal with her fabric scraps. The funny thing is I made this a new years “resewlution” for myself too. I vowed to either use up scraps immediately in my next project OR cut the scraps up ready for quilt making if they would be suitable. The problem with option 2 is I have never made a quilt before and that means scraps will linger for goodness knows how long until I have enough to actually make a decent size quilt.

So this project started off as a means to use my denim fabric scraps from this Kwik Sew skirt. I browsed online until I saw a pattern I liked. It’s the Schoolday Skirt from Blank Slate Patterns. The joys of PDF patterns is that I had paid, downloaded and printed all within a couple of minutes. Additionally because kids clothes are smaller, there are less pages to print and stick together.

blue denim frontNow here in lies the problem. This was a stashbusting project and I didn’t have enough of the indigo denim fabric (95% cotton/5% spandex). I cut the upper yoke, pockets and back but not enough for the full pleated skirt. I did what the art of sewing is all about and personalised/modified. For the inner parts of the skirt I used a shirt of my husbands that was in the mending pile for such a long time he’s obviously forgotten about it. The cotton fabric was probably a better choice anyway because the denim is quite thick on its own. The skirt is made up of two ruffle denim back

I initially thought about adding some thin ruffle lace along the hem but that was getting lost within the second ruffle layer. Eventually I just decided to add a white bottom ruffle from cotton poplin (100% cotton), no bells or whistles. For the hems I did a rolled hem for both denim and poplin. All seams were neatened with the overlocker.

blue denim insideThe button decision was just as hard with nothing quite appropriate so I did make a trip to the store and  chose these blue eyelet ones as I didn’t want anything too obvious however I do wish they were slightly bigger. The buttonholes are not my best work (I should have interfaced the area) but are functional even though the skirt has an elasticised back waist.

                                                                                       I believe sewists are celebrating selfish sewing week but I seem to be doing the opposite as I quickly made version 2 of this skirt using some stash fabric. It’s a denim in neon pink (95% cotton/5% spandex) and this thing is just as bright in real life I kid you not! For the “lining” parts I also used stash broadcloth in lolly colour.  I used pink eyelet buttons and again should have interfaced the area for stability.

pink denim frontpink denim back

I followed the instructions as written and neatened all seams with my overlocker. The problem I had was getting crisp pleats at the hem as it is turned up 1/4 inch twice and then stitched so that area is quite thick. I think I will need to go back and to some heavy steaming. The skirt is well drafted although I went up a size for my daughter as she is on the tall side whereas width wise I didn’t think it would matter too much due to the elastic waistband. It’s a really quick sew and would look nice in some drapey fabric.

pink denim inside

Now back to some selfish sewing!!


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