McCalls 6278 Dress, No Longer a UFO

I’m not sure what it is but I get excited about sewing something new for an up and coming event, no matter if it’s something formal or a casual day out, to the point where I cut my fabric ready to sew, but then………..procrastination sets in. As the self imposed deadline looms I’m not quite sure what happens. It’s like I want to start something new again and leave this behind so it can go into the abyss of what is the UFO. Is it boredom? I’ve always been like that, even as a child. I’m getting better at finishing things off and as it stands have 3 UFO’s – from last year, actually after this one I have 2.

Not happening this year though. Change of thought process and I guess this is one of the reasons I started blogging, along with keeping track of what I make and connecting with creative minds and becoming part of a community. It was about being accountable for finishing things off otherwise there would be nothing to write about, good or bad.

So I’m happy to say it’s finally finished. This pattern is McCalls 6278, now OOP, a style I instantly was attracted to when it first came out as is indicated by the fact this dress was started back in April 2014. Many reviews give this pattern a thumbs up, but for me it was doomed from the start but I think, actually I know, this has more to do with user error than anything else. I used Luna printed cotton sateen 6 in green (96% cotton/4% spandex) for this dress and black premium cotton sateen (96% cotton/4% spandex) for the accents. It’s such a good fabric because it’s cotton, easy to wash and wear and thick enough to not require lining.

mccalls 6278 front

 mccalls 6278 backI cut my so called correct size but this is where the problems began. I am now looking back to how much my skills and confidence has changed in just the 12 months and although I tried to salvage this dress with said skills I couldn’t finish it the way I wanted. When I picked this dress up again last month, I was up to attaching the diamond-shaped waist inserts and had already done two but found the subsequent inserts were best inserted if I stitched each seam individually rather than pivoting at the corners as instructed. I am pretty happy with the matching of the side seams however.

mccalls 6278 back side

As I mentioned earlier, I cut the wrong size and if I didn’t do anything the dress would be completely unwearable so I added black sateen inserts down the centre back, about 2 inches wide. In hindsight, I should have made them wider still and then adjusted the upper portion of the dress for fit as it is still a smidge too tight overall. I used an 18 inch black invisible zip and a hook and eye.

I didn’t like the length of the dress on me either and since I had already done some colourblocking (translation: patchwork to adjust for fit) I thought I would add a black sateen contrast hem band of about 13 cm. I machine stitched the hem because by this stage I was so over this dress. I must make mention however the lack of stretch in this portion of the dress makes it very hard to get on and off. I may once I have enough mental strength, insert a back vent.

I am not proud of the inside of this dress. The waist insert seams are neatened with pinking shears and all the other seams overlocked. Which is another story altogether. My serger tension was so off with this dress, don’t know why, don’t know how, but it took me what felt like forever to get it right again and not to mention I kept the white thread in the serger because didn’t want to tackle another hurdle. Another indication, as if there weren’t enough already, that this dress was a disaster dress is that I refused to iron every seam during construction which I normally am really good about. SO OVER IT!!!!!mccalls 6278 side

I felt the original neckline a bit high for my liking, a little restrictive/constrictive. I did shave some height off and bias bound the neckline so this lowered it a bit further. This last step took me a week to finish off as I couldn’t bring myself to step near the machine as I was so disheartened from this whole process but thought best to perservere and get it done. Couldn’t bear to make it a UFO twice!

The bottom line is it is still wearable if I go somewhere where I don’t have to sit, or eat, or move, fat chance!!!! It might be the incentive I need to get fit and healthy, aka weight loss. But in all seriousness, this dress did take a lot out of me and took the enjoyment out of sewing but I think overall the finish product turned out ok. Finally ready to move on to my next project.


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