A Reversible Circle Skirt, Two for the Price of One

Usually when I go fabric shopping with the kids I am armed with snacks, food, phone apps – anything to keep them busy for as long as I can whilst I shop/browse. It’s the one place I don’t mind taking my time. Perhaps it’s my sort of sanctuary. Anyway, that’s beside the point.

I was starting to feel bad about being a selfish sewer so decided to make more clothes for my kids, particularly the older one who is growing at an amazing rate. On this particular trip I asked her to pick out two fabrics as I had planned in my head to make her some circle skirts – easy peasy. She picked these two quilting cottons, DS picadilly medallion in pink (100% cotton) and DS picadilly ditsy in pink (100% cotton), dare she wear any other colours! I bought 80cm of each fabric and after drafting the pattern you can see there isn’t too much fabric left over. For the pattern I used the tutorial from MADE: The Circle Skirt Tutorial. I find the descriptions for the calculations very clear and the visuals help a lot. I decided on 9.5inch for the length and added 2inch additional for the hem and the elastic casing.

cutting the fabric

I used this tutorial from youandmie from her April Showers Skirt for the instructions of my reversible skirt. I sewed the inner circle of my two fabrics at an 3/8 seam allowance and clipped the curve so when I folded it over it lay nice and flat. For the elastic casing I stitched 5/8 from the inner circle and used 1.2cm wide elastic at a length of 45cm.

fabric one

fabric one with peeking

For the hem I used store bought 25mm white bias binding. There was no way I was going to make my own as this hem is long and I like the contrast.

fabric two

fabric two with peeking


It’s a bit of a lie to say two for the price of one as I did pay for the two fabrics but I guess construction-wise I only had to make the skirt once. It’s a quick project that really only takes a couple of hours from start to finish. There’s lots of twirl factor and although there are lots of colours in the skirt(s) she doesn’t own many tops to match. I see my sewing list growing day by day.




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