Cynthia Rowley’s Simplicity 1366 Tops- Boring Basics

I really must be one of the last people on earth to sew up this boxy top from the Cynthia Rowley Simplicity collection, pattern 1366. I have been Googling instructions, patterns and images to draft my own for sometime but that’s just not my thing. I can’t believe I actually paid full price for this pattern, which is a ridiculous amount here in Australia, but I needed, I mean wanted, to sew up some missing wardrobe pieces.

There isn’t much for me to say about this top that hasn’t already been mentioned. Construction-wise it’s very straight forward and fitting is easy. There is a lot of ease, so I sized down than my normal Simplicity size because of this and was happy with the fit.

Simplicity 1366 top hanger front

 Simplicity 1366 top hanger back

I used black premium cotton sateen (96% cotton/4% spandex) for version one and white premium cotton sateen (96% cotton/4% spandex) for version two. Have you noticed I really enjoy working with this fabric yet? I serged all sides of each piece apart from the neckline prior to construction. I followed the order as was specified in the instructions with my only change being not understitching the neckline prior to topstitching because I trimmed the seam allowance back too much.

white top front hanger

                                                 white top back hanger

I hemmed the sleeves the recommended 1 1/4 inch but the hem ended up being 2 inches as I wanted a more crop style top. As I only hand sewed my hem it allows me to lengthen the tops in future if I get over this phase.

black top front 2

                          black top front black top back

(FYI the above skirt was made pre plog from some cotton sateen :). It was self drafted from my first ever block and has darts both at the front and back, a back vent and no waistband. I did line this skirt so it doesn’t stretch as the fabric is meant to but also means it retains it’s shape. I really must revisit this actually because I like the fit.)

I tend to cut up a lot of garments at once as I do it on the floor which isn’t too good for the back and this way it lets my back recover before the next lot, and in the meantime I have lots of things to work on. Which brings me to the point about taking notes during sewing. For my black version I was using remnants of this fabric and cut the back 2cm narrower than the pattern because I was slightly short on fabric, but of course completely forgot about this change whilst sewing this top up a few weeks later. During construction I found my neck facing about 2cm too long and couldn’t work out why because I had stay stitched the neckline and was certain it hadn’t stretched out. It wasn’t until I was writing up this post and reading my notes that I realised it was because I had taken out that 2cm from the back but this also made the neckline not as wide as the pattern envelope, an alteration I was planning on making for any subsequent versions. Thank goodness the white one was cut out first during this session because my neckline may have ended up off the shoulders!

                          white top side 2  white top back.white top side

I’m happy with these tops, not much to say except they will get a lot of wear. They also conveniently fit in with other pieces from my SWAP 2015.

I made these tops in succession which meant I had to change serger thread from black to white which now means I have had to change my plan of attack for my next batch of projects. So there’s now a pile of UFO’s, but I promise they won’t be there for too long and I have convinced myself they aren’t really UFO’s as they are only pattern pieces cut out and not really “objects” yet.


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