Pin Pegs Wrap Skirt in Cotton Sateen

I recently pattern tested* this cute, funky and modern skirt from Annie of Sew This Pattern who blogs over at Nine Stitches. I must say right out, I don’t wear mini skirts – but I loved the asymmetric design and the addition of an obvious zip and thought now is as good as time as any to fill in some wardrobe gaps and as always, I’m willing to experiment with different silhouettes/styles.

skirt front hanger

  skirt back hanger

                              Front                                                                                      Back

I happen to have some recommended fabric in my stash, black premium cotton sateen (96% cotton/4% spandex). My first version was made exactly according to the pattern. There are lots of pattern pieces to cut out considering what looks like a straightforward sew but everything fits together really well and the inside is finished cleanly. I would stress that it’s important to label every piece because there are some similar looking ones and there are also lots of facings. There is some clever drafting on this skirt and the instructions are really thorough.

I feel when pattern testing it’s important to test as the pattern is specified and then make adjustments/alterations on subsequent versions, having said that, I couldn’t source a 35cm open end zip locally (and in time to meet the pattern testing deadline) so I used a 40cm black separating open end zip with silver teeth. I have never inserted one of these before but found the instructions flawless and got it spot on the first time. For my waistband closure I opted for a black snap fastener.

pin pegs black front 2

                        pin pegs black side pin pegs black side 2

I had a few issues when it came to sewing the facings together as all the pieces for the skirt hem, sides and waistband are sewn as one and then attached in it’s entirety to the skirt. I think because I am such a visual person it didn’t make sense until I had done it, mind you it was wrong the first time, but then the puzzle fit together nicely the second time around. I took photos for reference for my next version. Annie has modified the instructions in the final version to be a little clearer and has included more pictures.

interfacing on skirt

Realistically a mini skirt doesn’t fit my daily lifestyle and I wanted to make a longer version because I really like the style. Again I used some stash black with neon colours cotton sateen (96% cotton/4% spandex). I lengthened my pattern by 17cm, which is quite a bit, possibly too much in this instance and wished the final skirt was shorter in the end. Figuring out how to do this was tricky only due to the angles of the pattern pieces. Essentially I joined my front pieces together, lengthened them as one and then redrew the asymmetric line as to keep the same angle amongst pattern pieces. For the facing pieces I just lengthened them at the recommended lengthening line and it worked perfectly. I had to buy a longer open-end black zip to correspond with my new length, I think it was 45cm.

lengthening pattern

pin peg insideSewing the skirt the second time around really only took 2 1/2 hours at the most. It’s amazing how much information we retain when something is fresh in our mind and how it streamlines processes. A lot has to be said when I’m excited about something I make it really does make me feel good when I wear it. Here it is worn with my newly made Simplicity 1366 Cynthia Rowley top.

pin pegs coloured font 2

          pin pegs coloured front   pin pegs coloured side

Annie’s pattern is for a true mini skirt but she will be releasing the same pattern in a longer length soon so you don’t have to lengthen it yourself. This pattern fits together well and either length looks great with a modern edge.

*The pattern was provided to me free of charge for testing but all opinions expressed are my own and I received a copy of the finalised pattern for taking part.


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