Fabric Stash and What I Have Discovered

So after publicly shaming myself a few posts back about the state of my fabric stash, I decided a few days later that it needed a tidy up. I pulled everything out and sorted them into a nice rainbow on the floor and then folded and shelved. It was a cathartic experience because I actually don’t feel I have as much fabric as I initially thought when it was a pile of mess. Needless to say I shouldn’t really visit the fabric store in a while and have lots of potential co-ordinating outfits.

I didn’t even attempt the “kiddy” pile as they kind of use it as a dress-up station at times and don’t want to keep repeating that process over and over.

fabric back row

fabric front row

Row 1                                                                                           Row 2

I was able to assess the colours I am drawn to which are blues and blacks. The funny thing is though I don’t wear much black probably because I am living in a rather warm climate at the moment and therefore don’t feel like sewing black items. I don’t have much orange, yellow, brown – the warmer colours of the spectrum, maybe subconsciously I’m making items in the cool colours to keep me cooler, who knows. I’m sure there is a psychology behind what we wear but that’s far beyond the scope of my own personal analysis. I have lots of patterned fabrics, again mostly in the cooler colours.

Now I’m excited to get the next batch of items cut, not sure which direction I’m heading yet but I think some maxi skirts and dresses are in order although the fabric is almost too pretty to disturb, who am I kidding! Thank goodness my fabric is all washed and ready to go.

I should really quit with the chit chat and get sewing!




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