What Have I Been Up To… Buying Fabric, Machine Accessories and Endless Hemming

I have been so good lately by my standards and haven’t bought fabric in 2 months but when your local fabric store has a 40% off sale, then you buy, of course! I came home quite constrained in purchases as far as I’m concerned but it’s a bit scary really when you hear the total of your purchases and then have to think it’s close to half of what perhaps you would normally pay there’s an OH MY GOODNESS moment.

fabric haul

Essentially the fabrics on the left are for the little chickens with projects in mind, some of which are top secret as I’m currently pattern testing. There is some broadcloth, poplin, drill, voile and cotton jersey. The four on the right are for me. There’s some jacquard suiting, cotton jersey and some cheap and nasty poly prints. I am keen to start sewing these while the projects and inspiration are fresh in my mind.

I also received my little package in the post a couple of days ago that only a sewist would understand. All the more excited was I because I actually forgot I had purchased them for what I consider a steal. Whether I will actually use most of these remains to be seen but it’s nice knowing I now have access to any foot type I may need in my lifetime.

machine feet

The second thing I’m trying to accomplish quickly is hemming the endless metres of fabric on this dress. I bought it about 6 weeks ago and took it to a seamstress to hem for me but she was going to charge me twice as much for the work than what I actually paid for the dress. So here I am, 5 days out from requiring to wear it and just getting started. There are three layers to hem in total. The top is chiffon and then the two lining layers are attached together. I’m just going to cut them and keep those separate.  The pinning was the worst as the fabric is so thin and flimsy but I will be doing a rolled hem on the serger/overlocker for all 3 layers.

dress hemming

Once my alteration is out of the way I can get back to normal sewing for ME! What have you been up to?


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