Floral Halter Meets Peter Pan Collar for a Girly Top

Another stash busting project equals another pat on the back for mum. This fabric is the Zest/Savanah Chintz flower cotton in yellow (100% cotton) left over from the cartwheel shorts. The pink top pop poplin (80% polyester/20 % cotton) was some stash scraps too.

peter pan halter front

The idea for this top has been brewing in my head for some time, since I spotted the lovely Lacey Lane kids clothing line actually. How cool and retro are their clothes? It was hard to get a good back view of their top but it appears that the back is quite low, something I didn’t want for my version. Hoorah for sewing and making things truly yours!

This top started by using an a-line dress front pattern piece from Frills and Flares then chopping it off to a decent top length, in my case it was more to do with my fabric restrictions. I then found a Peter Pan collar template online from mysparkle and printed it at about 75% for a kids size (that was just an estimate, no maths involved). I lay this pattern piece on my front pattern piece and traced a new neckline and the halter shape and then cut down the length of the collar to where the shoulder seam is so this then continues on and becomes the straps. The straps were the same width of the collar measurement at the shoulder seam and then about 25 cm long so I could cut them to length as required.

Collar pattern

 Fabric cutting

The armholes/neckline were finished with 12mm single fold light yellow bias tape for a clean finish.

For the back, I cut a rectangle 20 cm x 35.5 cm, again that was all the fabric I had left. I serged the top hem, folded it over 2cm and top stitched. I threaded through 1.5 cm wide elastic and stitched the sides closed before attaching the front to the back. The front and back were attached at the side and shoulder seams with french seams. I left the front bodice unlined in this case but with lighter fabric I may line it in the future.

I made my two collars separately first using two layers of fabric for each, sewing the layers right sides together, then turning them right side out and top stitching all around before attaching them to the front of the top, meeting in the centre. I crossed over the straps at the back and stitched them to the back of the top. I made a little bow from some white ribbon and sewed it to the centre front for extra cuteness. This top is super cute and was relatively quick to sew and pairs well with her white shorts but I think I may make a couple of bottoms (skirts/shorts) to match as I have some stash fabric that would match well with the colours on this top.

peter pan halter side

 Peter pan halter back


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