McCalls 7121 Knit V-Neck Teardrop Dress

Let me start by saying this dress is ultra comfortable. McCalls 7121 is a pretty popular pattern with lots of options for various designs and I may possibly make more in the near future.

I made view B with the V back using the length of view C . My fabric is poly spandex knit teardrop in navy (95%poly/5% elastane) and I’m pretty hesitant to use this fabric because I had such a hard time with my twin stitching in the past but I think I have now conquered my fear. Especially after using it so significantly this time. Plus I have a few more cuts of this fabric content in my stash to contend with.

mccalls 7121 front 3

                       mccalls 7121 side mccalls 7121 back

I cut the front and back bodice on the fold because I didn’t want to break up the print or worry about pattern matching but it just meant I had to alter the way I finished the neckline and armhole edges. For construction I found a ball point needle best and used a zig zag stitch and then neatened the seams with the overlocker. I wasn’t sure which direction to cut the fabric at first and decided the visual impact was nicer with the teardrops pointing downwards.

I cut a size smaller than my measurements and think the fit is pretty good overall. I had to shorten the bodice by about 2 inches so the seam sits closer to my natural waist, unfortunately I forgot to do this with the lining but the seam doesn’t show from the outside. I had enough fabric left to self line the bodice and for the skirt I used some white knit lining from the stash and cut the lining to the length of skirt A. I omitted the elastic at the waist as I will more than likely wear this with a RTW belt anyway. I really need to get some personalised labels because I have been sewing a ribbon bow at the back of my garments to date more so when it’s difficult to tell the front from the back.

                                               mccalls 7121 inside front    mccalls 7121 inside back

                                                          Front                               Back

I was too busy thinking about fitting this dress that I sewed up the side seams before lining the dress and couldn’t do a neat machine finish to enclose all seams. In the end I just turned the armholes in twice to make a narrow hem and twin needle stitched but felt the neckline required a more professional finish. I use the tutorial from Craftsy on Sewing Knit Necklines: How to Make a V-Neck. My neckline was 96cm long and I cut the neck band at 93cm so that it lay nice and flat and the width was 1 1/4 inch but it also made it an extremely fiddly process to sew on such a narrow band with slippery, thin fabric. To finish the neckline I sewed down the seam allowance with the twin needle. I must admit it did turn out quite nice.

mccalls 7121 neckline

The hem was turned up twice and was also finished with the twin needle.

I don’t love this dress but it is extremely comfortable. Is it the over whelming pattern of the fabric or that it’s too conservative and the racer back option may have been better? Or is it the length or maybe how I have styled it? It musn’t be too bad though as I did receive compliments while wearing it and my sister in law requested a replica.


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