Kids Self-Drafted Circle Skirt with Bird Applique T-shirt

If you have children and would like a quick, satisfying project for yourself or your child this is the way to go. A simple circle skirt takes no time at all, especially if you already have a pattern drafted. No kidding, this took be about 20 minutes from start to finish, the t-shirt applique actually took me longer, believe it or not.

Circke skirt front

                     circle skirt pose circle skirt side

As I mentioned I already have a pattern drafted for my oldest using this tutorial from MADE. As I was using a smaller piece of the multi coloured national wind series fabric (100% cotton) I couldn’t cut a circle skirt as is and had to cut out a front and back separately and then used french seams for the side seams. I cut the elastic about 1 inch smaller than my daughters waist measurement and used a 3cm wide white elastic as I wasn’t making a casing this time and instead using the elastic as the waistband. I serged each end of the elastic before joining them together with a 1/2 inch seam allowance and then sewed each seam allowance down either side of the joining seam to fan out the edges. circle skirt hanger

I neatened the inner circle of the skirt with the overlocker and then used a straight stitch to sew on the elastic around the inner circle, whilst stretching it a the same time. Rather than hemming, I applied 25mm white double fold bias tape around the hem as I like the nice contrast it gives this busy fabric. This fabric is really lovely and has so many colours however as is the regular problem, we have minimal matching tops to bottoms.

fabric close up

I thought to applique a design on a plain white store bought t-shirt. First I interfaced the fabric, then drew out my shapes/design, also using additional fabric from my scraps pile. I crudely sewed on the pieces with a straight stitch around the outside, layering the pieces first. I didn’t bother doing a proper applique stitch because I actually like the fraying of the edges. Besides, I don’t think she will be wearing this for too long because she is experiencing a mountain of growth spurts. I finished off the bird with a cute little yellow ribbon bow. An outfit done in an hour and we are good to go!

bird applique


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