New Look 6107 Skirt Again…. In Black Lace and Snake Suedette

I had to change my sewing plans a few days ago as I was in desperate need of a black dress for a particular event, which meant I had to change my serger thread too to get it completed. I’ll blog about that at a later date when I have photos but thought it was a good opportunity to sew up some other patterns/items I had cut in one of my preparation sessions which require dark serger thread.

This is now my TNT pencil skirt, sorry that you have to read through another post of New Look 6107, view D. I decided to blog both skirts in this post as there is nothing new to report for either really.

For my black version, I used some black panama stretch with black paisley lace as the overlay. Black is a hard colour to photograph at the best of times but hopefully you can make out some details. I didn’t line this skirt as I was already working with the two layers and really wanted a simple project that looked nice. I basted the lace to the panama and treated them as one layer throughout construction.

New look 6107 front                                    New look 6107 side 3New look 6107 back

I pegged the skirt by about 0.6cm starting about 20 cm from the bottom, which was no problem as the skirt has a back vent anyway and is still easy to walk in. I chose to do a lapped zipper as per the instructions as sometimes in the past I have found my lace gets caught in the invisible zipper and I wanted this skirt to have longevity in my wardrobe. I wasn’t completely happy with the zip insertion but it is hard to see the imperfections because, well, it’s black.

Black lace fabric

I also don’t like to stitch in the ditch, as many patterns suggest, and instead turned up the seam allowance on the waistband facing and hand stitched it on the inside. Likewise for the hem I chose to serge the raw edge and then turned up the hem only by 1 cm and hand stitched that as I didn’t want machine stitching visible on the outside. I think next time I will lengthen the pattern so I can keep this length but have a deeper hem, too bad for my next version though which was cut out months ago.

The skirt is nice and fills another gap however the lace is so delicate I have to be careful not to snag/catch it on anything.

The second version, which was actually cut out in December of 2014, shame on me, I think simply because I changed serger thread colour at the time it never got completed and ended up a UFO. I won’t mention much else other than to say the fabric is brown snake suedette and I’m happy it’s finished. The fabric tends to fall funny when wearing the skirt and I definitely should have lined it to add weight. Oh well!!!

New look 6107 front                                     New look 6107 side  New look 6107 back

I did peg the skirt whilst sewing on this one too and as I had this one cut so many moons ago I didn’t lengthen it as I would have liked.

I chose to use an invisible zip due to personal preference. This meant I changed my order of construction slightly. I serged the centre back seam ready for later. I attached the front to back at the side seams and then the waistband. At this stage I inserted my invisible zip to an interfaced seam allowance and then sewed on my waistband facing to enclose the top of the zipper tape. The vent and hem was then finished as instructed. I hand stitched the waistband facing and hem but found this fabric quite difficult to hand pierce with a needle.

I have one more iteration of this skirt cut out and ready to be sewn up, with a small difference. I think after that I need to give this pattern a break and sew some more everyday/casual clothes.

In regards to the black lace skirt, it’s another SWAP 2015 off the list. I have made good progress with my plan so far but have reassessed my plan and feel I don’t need some items anymore. I have the navy peplum top cut and ready to sew as well as the cream birdcage tank top. I have decided however to not make any white tops from my SWAP for the time being as I have enough of those in my wardrobe. Additionally, my blue pants turned out horrible, although I will post them at some stage, the jeans haven’t been started but I do plan on making them sometime but considering the weather where I am at the moment they are a bit useless. I won’t be making anymore skirts as specified as I really want to get some other projects done instead BUT I will definitely be completing a black dress as every girl needs a LBD in her life. I am happy to be starting a new plan, which really is to sew what I please.

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