Simplicity 1415 Coral Lace Dress

I have sewn so many “dressy” clothes lately that I have noticed major gaps in my wardrobe, and this is no exception. I used Simplicity 1415, a Project Runway pattern. I took inspiration from the cover photo and chose to do a lace overlay.

I made view A,C (on back of envelope) and for fabric I used coral premium cotton sateen (96% cotton/4% spandex) for the main body of the dress and coral paisley lace (100% polyester) for the top layer. I followed the instructions as specified for construction but chose to make a few changes to the look of the dress.

Simplicity 1415 front 4                       Simplicity 1415 side Simplicity 1415 back 2

For the zipper opening I chose to have the 14″ coral invisible zip start from the sateen bodice and go down to the skirt rather than start up at the neckline, if that makes sense. I then put a hook and eye at the neckline. This way it allows for the back to open a bit while wearing and also meant I could eliminate putting a zip through the lace and possibly causing strain and subsequently holes!!

Simplicity 1415 back

I made my own 1″ wide bias tape from the coral sateen as I couldn’t find a good colour match in anything else, and while it is a tad thick, it makes the armhole, neckline and back opening quite sturdy.

Simplicity 1415 front

The only fitting alteration was to remove 1.5 inch from each side of the centre back bodice, a common alteration for me. I really like the length of this dress, possibly a tad shorter next time but the neckline is quite nice and flattering I think.



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