New Look 6107 in Violet Jacquard… Again

Sorry to bore you with this pattern yet again, but wait…. today’s edition has a twist.

I am using my TNT New Look 6107 pencil skirt pattern with some violet jacquard suiting (54% cotton/ 43% polyester/ 3% spandex). I wanted a different silhouette this time and chose to add a ruffle to the bottom.

                         New Look 6107 side 2  New Look 6107 front  New Look 6107 back 2

It was a really quick change to do and I was working with only 1 meter of fabric so had to get it right. I cut the skirt portion to where the back vent begins and added an extra for the seam allowance and ensured front and back pieces were the same length.

For the bottom ruffle I decided to make it an inch longer than my usual finished skirt length. This was to include the length required for a narrow hem and a 1.5 cm seam allowance to attach to the skirt. I determined the width of my ruffles by measuring my pattern pieces and multiplied by 1.5. So the front rectangle was 11″ x 33″ and the back was cut into 2 rectangles of 11″ x 18″ each, and  then sewn with a centre seam to continue the seam line straight down from the body of the skirt. For the hem, I serged the raw edge and then turned it up 1 cm and machine stitched.

New Look 6107 back

Due to my fabric restrictions I had to cut the front waistband in 2 pieces but hopefully the beautiful pattern on the fabric detracts from that. Because of my fabriNew Look 6107 insidec limitations, I also cut the waistband facings from black cotton sateen (96% cotton/ 4% spandex), which allowed me to maintain the integrity of the jacquard which also has some stretch. I hand stitched the waistband down on the inside.

Again I inserNew Look 61607 invisible zipted a “very” invisible 8″ (20cm) zipper, first fusing some interfacing at the seam allowance. I constructed the skirt to completion before attaching the ruffle because I wanted to ensure the proportion was okay. Glad to say I’m happy with this one.

I skipped all sorts of pattern matching with this one because the print was so busy but it managed to match up pretty well by accident at the centre zip 🙂

I am truly going to give this pattern a rest for a while, hopefully!!!!

FYI: The top is a Vogue pattern made so many years ago I don’t recall the pattern number.


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