New Look 6301 Black ITY Jersey Mock Wrap Dress

Yet another dress to add to the arsenal, and it’s black again. I used New Look 6301 in my quest to find a nice wrap dress, although this is a mock wrap, I figure if I can get the fit of the bodice right then I should be able to add the skirt portion from another pattern.

New look 6301 side FT                           New look 6301 front FTNew look 6301 back 2 FT

I decided on view B initially, with the short sleeves and flowy skirt but since I had purchased this ITY black jersey (100% polyester) without a pattern in mind I only had 1.5m. I had cut out all my bodice pieces and realised I didn’t have enough for the flowy skirt which I also wanted to lengthen. A trip to the fabric store and it had all sold out, so action plan B. I decided to cut view D (required 1.9m fabric) in the end and it just fit on my length of fabric, including lengthening the skirt by 3 inches.

I used a narrow zig zag stitch for construction, neatening my seams with the serger. I used the included pieces for my neck and armhole bindings and once attached to the bodice, I chose to serge the seams rather than grade them as instructed to do.

Although not completely evident from the pattern envelope, this dress has an elasticised waist. I chose to eliminate it because I felt my bodice was a good fit and the ties tighten the dress up anyway. I probably would shorten the bodice next time by 2cm. The ties can either be tied at the front (above pictures) or to the back (bottom pictures).

New look 6301 front BT                           New look 6301 side BTNew look 6301 back BT

For the hem, I serged the raw edge and then turned it up 1 inch (as per instructions) and stitched with a narrow zig zag stitch. My twin needle was playing up again and I think it just doesn’t like this fabric for some reason, maybe it is too slippery.

I am happy with the outcome and fit of this dress and think the pattern will be a good candidate for some franken-pattern dressmaking.



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