Cover Your Eyes, There’s Two Fluoro Check Dresses

Two dresses in one post today because I used the same fabric for different versions. Both girls got something from this mix and match pin fluoro check poplin (65% poly/ 20% cotton) that miss 4 picked out. The bodice bow and straps for the smaller dress were made using white top pop poplin (80% poly/ 20% cotton).

fluoro check front

Starting with miss 2. Her dress was made the same way as the red mosaic dress. I added interfacing to the bow this time so it doesn’t flop around the place and top stitched the four sides. It was also hand tacked at the two upper corners to the bodice.

I lined the dress with white top pop poplin as the fabric is a bit indecent otherwise. I cut 2 x rectangles, each measuring 27 cm x 41 cm and did a couple of tucks at the waist seam rather than gathering the waist as I didn’t want to add too much volume here.

The hem was finished with a narrow machine hem.

And that’s it!

For miss 4 I drafted a pattern using a RTW dress she really loves. I say drafted but really it’s a bunch of rectangles and some shirring and I was under instructions that she wanted it to her ankles thus the addition of the extra bottom panel, because she has had a significant growth spurt since I started this dress back in June.

The bodice is made up of front and back rectangles each measuring 26 cm x 59 cm, using the same dimensions for the lining and treating them as one layer for the shirring. I folded over the top edge by 0.6 cm twice to do a narrow hem but first attached my straps so the ends could be concealed. The straps were each made up from a 2 cm x 15 cm rectangle, sewn right sides together and turned right side out. I tucked in the raw edge of one side and stitched closed and then tied it in a knot. I sewed on a white bow at the bodice front where the straps are attached.  I did 13 rows of shirring within 6 cm for the bodice, both front and back.

The second tier is 2 rectangles of 18 cm x 92 cm with the lining pieces slightly smaller at 18 cm x 70 cm. The third tier was made up of 2 rectangles of 18 cm x 134 cm and the lining was 18 cm x 70 cm. Other than the “bodice tier”, for the others, lining and outer fabric were sewn separately in the round to make a tube and then gathered to fit the tier above and attached.

dress measurements

She tried on the dress when it was completed and it was short for the length she had asked for. I had to scavenge another layer from scraps to “make it work”.  The final tier was 13 cm x 134 cm (same as the tier above and therefore wasn’t gathered, oh well) and was left unlined. The hem was overlocked first and then turned up 1/4″ and stitched.

Overall both dress are simple sews, just time consuming with the shirring and gathering and hemming.

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