McCall’s 6514 Royal Pants

I have been tossing up making this McCall’s 6514 pattern for a while now. I bought it because I liked view A with the tapered leg and they have an elastic back waist, no flys to fiddle with, it is marked as an “easy” pattern after all. I wasn’t sure about the pleating at the front and whether it would accentuate those pesky problem areas however. Additionally it was one of the items in my 2015 SWAP and I believe they are a trans-seasonal piece of clothing.

I used some royal premium faille (100% polyester). The same fabric used for my self-drafted maxi skirt. A word of advice, never cut, sew or iron when tired or it’s late. I was cutting out the pattern pieces on a double layer and when I opened them up this is what I saw.

back leg cut

I was obviously being conservative with my fabric and not double checking what was underneath. I wasn’t too worried though as I have enough fabric to re cut the piece, or option 2 was to continue sewing because as I held the pattern piece to my leg I knew I would have to shorten the pants anyway, and if they end up too short or the mishap is unavoidable in the end, I may just add a cuff at the ankle or taper in the legs a bit more.

I followed the sparse instructions, I feel like these are quite poorly written and some steps aren’t described to completion in my opinion but nothing that can’t be figured out. I serged my pocket pieces before assembly as I like them to look neat on the inside.

These pants have a lot of ease so I went down a size. They fit well around the hips however I struggle with getting them on. The waistband/elastic doesn’t stretch wide enough for me to get them easily over my hips without doing a wiggle. Shame really as all I had left to do was hem them at this stage and I really wanted to like them. In the photos they are still unhemmed but folded up towards the inside by about 2 inches.

Mccalls 6514 front

Mccalls 6514 front 2  Mcalls 6514 back

Needless to say once they were on I felt like a clown in them, not flattering at all, thus the lack of photos. It’s a shame because I really wanted them to work although I did have reservations from the start due to the aforementioned issue and that this fabric probably was not the best choice, it doesn’t drape very well. I tried them on again and thought if I stitch down the pleats maybe they would look better.  NO!!!!!!!

For my last try on, I removed the elastic from the waistband and then contemplated adding a back invisible zip but still NO!!! They are just too unflattering for me to be comfortable in. I now have the big decision of whether to trash them or salvage the fabric for something for my girls – I just love the colour.

The pattern has definitely had an early retirement.

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