Kwik Sew 3848 Triangular Top


I have chosen not to do a best/worse round-up because some of my best have only been worn once and some of my worse have become house clothes and worn heaps so it depends on what I use to measure which category items belong to. I am going to say that I have enjoyed sewing this past year more than ever, probably because my techniques were better and more than anything it was a stress reliever, a really helpful outlet to help me deal with lifes’ challenges, of which there have been many.

So with that I’m ready to tackle 2016!

This is not my first make for 2016, in fact I started it way back in July of 2015 but wanted to get it finished in 2015, before the years end.

It’s never surprises me how different people have different visions for the same fabric, Clever Tinker used it to make a kimono jacket however I initially bought this fabric with making the Datura top in keeping with the triangle theme but then decided to go with a pattern I already had as I only had 1m of this multi printed rayon prism (100% rayon). The fabric has a repeat but not a symmetrical one so I tried to centre it best I could. Below are photos after the alteration which I mention further into the post.

 Kwik sew 3848 sideKwik sew 3848 back kwik sew 3848 front

I used Kwik Sew 3848, which apparently runs big so cut a size smaller than normal. It also has really small seam allowances (6mm), which can get a bit fiddly. I mashed the views which may explain why I had to tinker with the end product. I didn’t have enough to make a complete top (front and back) so used some stash navy premium faille (100% polyester) for the back. Essentially I cut View A on the fold (removing the extra seam allowance and placket) and used the back pieces of view A with the length of the top from view B but with the hem curves from view A and chose not to add a pocket.

For the armholes I used self-made bias but using the width of the bands provided for view B. The hem was serged and turned up twice for a narrow hem. During construction I tried on the top and everything seemed okay but it wasn’t until I was finished and noticed the armholes were really loose and indecently low. I didn’t want to take anything apart so I did a quick and dirty and just took in the side seams by a couple of centimetres each side and tapered to nothing just under the bust. Below is before the alteration.

                           gaping front Gaping back (2)

I like the versatility of this top as it goes equally well with jeans but I ended up wearing it out to dinner with my New Look 6107 white skirt.

Kwik sew 3848 front tucked                             Kwik sew 3848 side tucked Kwik sew 3848 back tucked

This pattern will require more work in the future to fit right and I like the back design feature and that the seams for the back yoke are enclosed however I don’t think I will tackle it just yet as I want to sew other things instead which I view as higher priority.


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