Butterick 5947 Yellow Satin Dress

I was desperately trying to get rid of UFO’s before the years end and came close, bar 2 tops and a skirt. This Butterick 5947 dress was cut out in July of 2015 and thought it would be an appropriate New Years dinner dress. The dress is made from yellow delustered satin floral #1 (100% polyester) and the lining is black pongee (100% polyester).

Butterick 5947 front       Butterick 5947 side 2             Butterick 5947 side Butterick 5947 back

I had all the pieces cut for view A with view C skirt length, and just needed to sew it together. It took me much longer than it should have because I made the same mistake twice while sewing the bodice pleats, which aren’t highly evident in this busy print anyway and haven’t turned out as neat as I would have liked. Probably not the best choice of fabric on my part.

pleatsI cut the included lining pieces for the bodice first to check for fit and decided to completely line the dress so used the skirt pieces to cut the skirt lining. Instructions call for attaching outer fabric to lining at the armholes and neckline and then ironing down the seam allowances for the lining shoulder seams and then hand stitching them together, if that makes sense. I much prefer bagging my lining, of which there are many tutorials online.  I also under stitched as far as I could, mainly because the pleating at the neckline has a bit of bulk and I wanted it to stay as flat as possible. Although all the seams were enclosed for the bodice, I trimmed the seam allowances with pinking shears as both the lining and silk frayed terribly. Probably would have been just as quick and more secure to serge them. I installed a 22 inch (56cm) primrose invisible zip – stash busting. I serged the hem of the skirt and lining separately and turned them both up by 1cm for the first fold and then 1.5cm for the second fold and stitched however I cut the lining about an inch shorted to begin with so it wouldn’t show.

                                     lining back lining front

I ended up shortening the bodice by 1 inch, my usual body adjustment. I also took in the upper back by a fair bit, about 3.5 cm from each centre seam and tapered to the normal seam allowance at the waistline. I didn’t bother trimming the seam as it would be enclosed within the dress anyway. I also went up a size for the skirt compared to the bodice as I wanted a bit of extra room as this fabric has no give.

I chose not to make the included self belt as I would wear this with black mostly but wish I had made belt loops. The fabric is very slippery and the belt has a tendency to shift up when worn.

Whilst I didn’t love this dress initially after completion, maybe it’s the colours, I don’t normally wear yellow. I did receive lots of compliments when I wore it, funnily enough, because of the colours. Goes to show that everyone has a different perception on things.

I think the pleats add a bit of fullness to the bodice, and I’m not sure if that is distracting or not, but overall the dress has grown on me. It fits nicely but next time I would probably go with a single coloured fabric and one less slippery to work with.


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