Warm Weather SWAP 2016

I know it may be a bit early for some to think of summer sewing, and realistically it is still the middle of winter and I am nowhere near getting through half my Cold Weather SWAP 2016, but I have enjoyed planning ahead. Probably due to the fact I have done so much pattern testing with summer patterns, not sure if it’s a disadvantage or advantage of having a different climate to the northern hemisphere. It has got my brain into gear about a mental list of patterns that will be adaptable to my summer makes.

Just for the record, once again so I can remain accountable for my sewing, here is what I have come up with as my Warm Weather SWAP 2016. Lots of denim, trendy off the shoulder looks, short skirts (planned to be skorts), some classic pieces and khaki and pastel tones.

SWAP 2016

This is just a planned capsule wardrobe but don’t get me wrong, I still plan to do lots of other sewing not related to the warm weather SWAP.

As always, I’m sure my choices will change as will the silhouettes by the time it comes to sewing them. Now to browse the stash and put the fabric aside and match up patterns, and try to avoid hitting the shops to buy new fabric although I am definite I don’t own khaki fabric so that will be a planned trip, during sales of course!!!


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