My Goals for 2019

Sew, Sew, Sew!!!! Naturally this is my first goal. I feel 2018 was a bit slow for me because life happened, baby, moving, working. But this year I’m hoping to be a bit more productive and purposeful in my sewing to really try and fill in my wardrobe gaps.

Although every year I impose a fabric buying ban of sorts, I thought perhaps this year I should do a better job of keeping track of my fabric stash in relation to what is purchased and used in 2019. There is no way for me to tabulate all my stash as at the moment it is stored in space saving bags at my mum’s. I’m not doing too well though as I have already made a few purchases, 10.1 metres worth, and sewn zilch so far since January 1st. Ooops!!

There are 6 pieces for me and one that I bought for the kids from our family holiday in Singapore this month to make them each something to remind them of our trip. The top one is a black french crepe that I am planning to make pants with in an upcoming test. The black printed floral sparrow rayon has already been cut up for a dress that I am currently testing. The third is floral polyester I may use up for a blouse soon. The bottom 4 fabrics are Singapore purchases and are all knits and were super cheap.

I was reading Sew DIY’s blog and she mentioned the Stash Shrinker by SewJourners as a tool to track fabric in vs fabric out. SewJourners has created a spreadsheet you can download and input your data. I’m going to give this a go and see how far into the year I can continue it. Also Sew DIY has a free printable 2019 calender to do some sewing planning and also an actual printable sewing planner for purchase.

Secondly, a few years back, like 5 or so, I had a Burda Style subscription, and admittedly hardly used them and was finding the patterns not for me, so I cancelled it. At the end of last year, my husband surprised me with a subscription for my birthday so I will endeavour to sew something from each magazine this year. January has already arrived but highly doubt I will get something made this month but I’m okay with not sewing the item the month I receive it. There are a couple of items I am considering however so that is a good start.

So I seem to have the mental planning phase sorted with my tools and resources and now need to physically write things down. I do have 2 projects cut out if that is anything to go by so hopefully they will appear on the blog soon.

Happy New Year and Happy Sewing!!!

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