The Artiest Skirt by The Eli Monster as a Brand Ambassador

Being a Brand Ambassador is a great way to sew lots but also to try new patterns and designs. I’m all for a maxi skirt and decided this month to make The Artiest Skirt (**affiliate link). It is indeed a maxi skirt with optional pockets that uses up lots of fabric!!!!

Keep in mind, this skirt is very full and although requires lots of fabric, having panels gives that same effect without having to cut a circle skirt. The other advantage is that it has a back zip closure with a waistband so the bulk at the hips and waist is minimised with all the fullness at the bottom of the skirt.

Usually when I want to sew something I peruse Pinterest for inspiration and for this skirt found some images I really liked. For my pattern size E, which equates to AUS 12, I needed about 5 metres of fabric, which is a lot. I thought I would do a plain skirt (read single colour, non-directional print). When I got to the fabric store I couldn’t find any fabric like I had imagined and then stumbled on this printed crepe Jungle in navy 148cm (100% polyester). Not what I was after – it’s both directional and multi coloured!

It was on sale so that helped the decision along however when I went to get my 5 metres cut there was only 3.5 metres left on the bolt. The lady at the counter kind of convinced me I would be okay because of the width of the fabric and although I still wasn’t sure, I went with it. I don’t think she realised how much flare the pattern pieces had. Anyway, fast forward a week later and I prepared myself to cut the fabric.  I was trying to be strategic because I only had one chance to get this right. I cut the front and backs out first and then the side panels, thinking I could probably piece together some fabric at the bottom and it wouldn’t be visible. Lo and behold, there was no need. The pattern pieces literally just fit on the fabric, going into the selvage slightly which is okay as that’s the seam allowance anyway. I will also mention that I chose not to add pockets, blasphemy!!!

So 3.5 metres later and I have a full maxi skirt that swishes amazingly and feels really feminine with some scraps left over probably to make a little camisole. I wonder if I could get away with this looking like a maxi dress then when worn together, time will tell!

I did make one minor adjustment to the skirt as this size was too big when at the zip insertion stage, and that was to take out some width from the centre back. I took out about 6cm at the waist and tapered to about 3cm at the hip. Not an ideal way to do this but next time will alter each pattern piece separately. Also although my invisible zip looks great, I do have some bubbling at the bottom which smooths out when worn, but my main concern was because this fabric is lightweight, I should have interfaced the zip area as I normally do. The instructions don’t have you do this but I highly recommend it.

I do highly recommend The Artiest Skirt Pattern if you want a flowy maxi skirt without the trouble of cutting a circle skirt and it’s currently on sale for $7.00. I’m sure you could even use up less fabric when using a non-directional fabric, providing it is wide enough. You know the feeling when you put on an item of clothing and feel really feminine and good in it, this is how I feel in the Artiest skirt.

**This post contains affiliate links to The Eli Monster Patterns

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