One Mum, Two Kids …. Alone on a Plane

I made a dress for my friends wedding and the wedding was interstate although that will probably be in the next post. I ended up going on my own with my 2 kiddos, that’s a 3 1/2 hour plane flight. I got into preparation mode a few weeks before. I scoured Pinterest for ideas and planned away at what I could make or buy to keep them entertained. Sorry if this stuff doesn’t interest you but I thought I would post anyway in case it helps any parents out there for future travels and the things I made for flight sanity – mine, not theirs.

I found this great idea from Parrish Platz seen here and pretty much used her instructions to the letter and give her full credit for a practical and functional idea. I made 2 trays, one for each child, and I used this fairytale vinyl which lived in my stash which I think I bought as some stage to make a picnic playmat, obviously that didn’t happen and I had heaps to use.

fairy mat

The only thing I did differently was to sew on the velcro before the bias tape because I wanted a neat edge but having said that, it doesn’t stay together securely at the top, but I can live with that.

It doubled up as, actually trippled up as (1) a placemat for food and snacks, (2) a basket for beads and buttons and said snacks that rolled around and (3) a playmat as the roads and various fairytale pictures were great for the little dolls and ponies to make up a story and because I had 2 and cut them in order we were able to lay them flat to make longer roads. I had to buy the 2″ velcro and pink bias tape but I think we will get lots of uses for it at home and out and about anyway.

trays flat

trays folded 2

The next thing I made was an airplane tray table cover. It’s a great idea and I personalised each one for the appropriate ages of my children. Let me say these aren’t just for children as some “Executive” ones are listed on Etsy and some other variations which I call the deluxe models. The common theme when searching for inspiration and ideas is that there is a discrepency in sizes of tray tables amongst airlines. I used the biggest measurements I could find and made the side open so they could basically fit any width table.

The oldest is 3 and is into art/craft/drawing stuff so I made this one with a clear vinyl sleeve to use as a dry erase mat and also for storage for books and paper especially during meal and snack time (left cover). I added 3 pockets at the front to store crayons, paper and snacks. When the tray table is stowed up, the underside of the cover has some pockets also with an elasticised pocket to hold the drink bottle.

DSC_0364 (2)

Kiddo number 2 is 1 years old and not much interests her, unless it can be bitten or chewed, pesky teeth! Her cover was a more interactive one with inspiration taken from The Play-n-Go Tray Table cover by Starkids (right cover).

DSC_0365 (2)

I also made some separate quite pages using stiff felt as the backing which kept both the kids entertained.

quiet pages

If anyone is interested in making the tray table covers let me know and I can do another post about dimensions and brief instructions. This is the first time I tackled something like this so order of construction may not have been ideal. Other than packing lots of snacks and trying to rotate the toys around, things went pretty well. We landed safely and I didn’t pull any hair out. 🙂

I was planning on showing you the tray table covers in action however I lost my phone with the photos on them the day after I arrived interstate and was not a happy camper. You will just have to use your imagination. I think they were a success however as the two lovely air hostesses we had were curious and intrigued by the covers and the other activities I had planned for my kids and they are seasoned travelers themselves with young children of their own. Thumbs up all around!