Planning the 2015 Basics Collection

Remember this top, I nearly didn’t either. It’s been sitting in my cupboard unworn since I made it and thought I better fix it before it starts collecting dust. Surprisingly once I put it on again I realised it was way bigger and more unflattering than I thought. I ended up taking in 5 inches from the centre back seam and was able to pattern match the back (apologies for not pressing the back seam but I promise it does go to one side).

      New Look 6735 side         New look 6735 back

There is still some gaping at the front neckline but I can live with that as now it’s wearable.

I don’t really have anything to pair it up with, I truly am in need of basics in my wardrobe. I lack the pieces that I can just throw together on a casual day out and because of this sometimes I also feel overdressed for my lifestyle. Using Polyvore I came up with what I think will be invaluable pieces to my wardrobe and was put together with the current fabric stash in mind. For some reason I have gravitated to buying lots of blue fabric this past season but I guess they work together and without realising I have my capsule wardrobe. I’m definitely not setting deadlines for getting these sewn up as other projects often take over and I’m realistic about the fact that I probably won’t sew any jeans although there has been an influx of new patterns. The styles and fabrics are not definitive and subject to change depending on my taste and mood when the times comes to sew them. I’m hoping I will really only need to purchase notions.

summer 2015 basics

I’m not quite sure how many combinations I can come up with mixing and matching these items but it would be a great travel collection too, with modifications. There are 2 LBD’s as I don’t own any and I think two silhouettes are good to have in rotation depending on the function. Not to mention adding cardigans or jackets to the outfits to change the look and make them transeasonal which I won’t even be contemplating making whilst I sit through an Australian summer.

The fabric choices and patterns will be as follows although it’s a bit hard to see and some patterns will have modifications:
basics fabrics and patterns

I did notice there are a lot of white tops and I may make multiples in different colours, ie black.  It’s nice to have a bit of a plan and direction although sticking to it will be another ball game altogether. I have so many other things I also want to sew in the meantime, including a dress for a friends wedding at the end of the month in which I was planning on using Simplicity 1354 so might make up that dress soon to check the fit and I have already bought some brocade fabric for it.