McCall’s 6604 Cowl Neck Top

It’s always nice to accomplish something quickly and with minimal fuss. That is how I felt with OOP McCall’s 6604, a fitted, pull over top with armhole bands and bias front. The reason being that I started this top way back in November 2013 and it’s been folded in a draw ever since. Back then I only got as far as cutting the pieces out so as far as I’m concerned, the worst job was done.

front          back

The fabric came from my mums stash, it’s from the “Kanebo International Collection” as printed on the selvage, if that means anything to anyone, but I think it may have something to do with the dye process. I’m assuming its polyester and loved the colours. For the armhole bands I used black satin. I had to shave off about 2cm from the underarm when putting this together as it was too restrictive which meant my pre cut armhole bands were a tad short but since the curve of the band is sewn to the armhole I was able to stretch it to fit. Can anyone tell me if I would need to make this adjustment on patterns with sleeves? I have made so many sleeveless things lately due to the weather, I guess I’ll have to measure the pattern first and go from there.

I sewed up the top following the instructions which had me a little confused when it came time to attach the front to the back. The front cowl is self facing and until I attached it together incorrectly the first time, it then all made sense the second time around. The top part in the photo on the left is the cowl facing and needs to be attached to the shoulder seam as shown on the right.

folded cowltop cowl

Needless to say, the top is a bit tight around the bust and I think this is the reason for the pulling at the back too, visible by the pull lines and clearly my body has changed from a year ago and the recent festivities haven’t helped. I think I may also need a sway back adjustment – please help, what do you think?

                                                                                                                side                 side back

Overall I will make this again because I like the style and the curved hem with a few modifications and the version with the sleeve and collar will be good for colder weather.

UPDATE: Just wanted to do a quick update on my Simplicity 3850 pants from this post. After wearing and washing these a few times I found they shrank in the length and had to lengthen them by 1.5 inches and the waistband has stretched to the right amount in my opinion. Overall they have retained their shape everywhere else. My biggest gripe is that they still attract so much lint, the next pair will definitely be made from different fabric.