Women’s Loggers by Patterns for Pirates

What are loggers? They are a cross between leggings and joggers. The functionality of joggers, using the pocket feature, but the slimmer fit of leggings. I tested* the Women’s Loggers by Patterns for Pirates as I know winter will be upon us soon and I would love some funky, comfortable bottoms to wear during the day, kind of like secret pyjamas.


These are a tight fit pant with pockets and cuffs and thus require a high percentage stretch fabric. There is the option of either a low or high rise waistband, it’s up to your own comfort level which you make and additionally there is a short knit waistband and a taller, fold over yoga style waistband option. The size range extends from XXS to 3X and the PDF pattern has no trim pages and the layers option. If you want to save on paper and ink, cutting guides are included for the rectangle pattern pieces. I always like having that option myself. What’s better is that there is also a youth pattern available or you can get them as a bundle.

I found these quite quick to sew. There is nothing complicated about them but I will say to take notice of the measurements before cutting your size. I found that because they are a slimmer fit, they are quite fitted around my calf, which I have come to realise is quite pronounced, for a better word.

Either way, my loud pair made from gold cheetah animal poly knit (95% polyester/5% spandex) in the high rise, will get worn as a pair of loggers which feel like secret pyjamas. Comfort and style rolled into one.

*The pattern was provided to me free of charge for testing but all opinions expressed are my own and I received a copy of the finalised pattern for taking part.

Posy Pleated Pants by Rebecca Page as a Brand Ambassador

I have the pleasure of promoting some great patterns in this role but also it still gives me the opportunity to test patterns for Rebecca Page too.

One of the newest offerings was the Posy Pleated Pants (**affiliate link). I’m not an extremely fashion forward person, more a comfort person and these pants offer both. They are on trend but have the benefit of being a quick sew with a high comfort factor.

The pants have the front box pleats which add the drama and also four back darts, two per side. This was great for me being pear shaped and having a sway back as the fit is quite good. The pattern piece for the front legs is very wide so be cautious when buying fabric to make sure it is wide enough or you get the correct yardage.

My pair is basic black made from french black crepe 148cm (100% polyester). It helps to use fabric with drape if you want a pair of pants that flow however a stiffer fabric might add more drama as it will retain the shape of the legs more.

These are really quick to sew up. There are no closures, the back has an elastic waistband and the front waistband is flat. I was trying to be a bit smart making these and I went down a size instead of going by the measurement chart, so made a medium, and put myself in a bit of a pickle. You see I’m quite pear shaped and the waist measurement for the medium ended up being 1.5 inch smaller than my hips so getting them on and off was a bit of a battle – it’s a silly mistake on my part. So I made them up as described in the pattern for the testing sake but have since had to alter them so I can actually wear them more easily. My solution was to put in an invisible zipper in the centre back which meant unpicking the centre back seam and cutting the waistband in the centre too. I did also have to shave off some fabric in the back to make it a more fitted as the elastic back there was now non existent. I’m just really annoyed with myself for doing this and creating extra work.

I forgot to mention these also have optional pockets which are a good size too to keep a phone, keys and your hands in. And also there is an optional sash that is sewn into the waistband and you can add belt loops to keep this in place. Now that I have added in a zip, I will possibly also add belt loops since my waistband isn’t gathered anywhere anymore.

I also must admit that normally I have to shorten pants but these seem to fall at the right spot for me when I have heels on, and I’m 165cm. I am waiting for a date night so I can wear them proudly and be stylish too.

The pattern is also available in kids sizing. You have to check them out as they are currently on sale.

**This post contains affiliate links to Rebecca Page Patterns


Sunset Lounge Pants by Sinclair Patterns

I am so behind on my posts, like ridiculously. I’m hoping that I can catch up to some extent over the Christmas period considering it’s unlikely I will be getting any sewing done. I tested* the Sunset Lounge pants back in October. After finishing them I admittedly wore them quite regularly and after multiple washes they are still holding up quite well.

Now that we are heading into summer, they won’t get much wear but nonetheless I do need to talk about them. They are fitted at the hips but hang nicely with a loose fit through the leg which comes as knee length or regular long. Waistband options include a yoga band, ruched or a maternity version and of course optional pockets which coincidentally are one piece pockets whereby the opening has a bound edge and the pocket is attached to the front of the pants.

They go together quite quickly and I made my version in a boring black performance cotton lycra (90% cotton/ 10% elastane), since I can never have enough black bottoms in the wardrobe. I omitted the drawstring of my yoga waistband but did add important to me pockets. If you are adding the drawstring either buttonholes or eyelets will need to be sewn/inserted.

Fabric recommendations are light to medium weight knit fabric with at least 30-50% stretch  and ribbing is also an option for the waistband but I just went with the same fabric and you can actually add elastic into the waistband also.

I made a size medium in the regular length and I am 165cm for reference. If I were to wear these with extremely flat shoes I would probably need to take out some length next time.


I really like the loose fit of these and I can vouch that they are extremely comfortable.

The awesome thing is that they are free through December 31, 2018 with the code SINCLAIRPATTERNS. You will love having these in your wardrobe as yoga pants, pyjamas, or pants, the possibilities are endless.

*The pattern was provided to me free of charge for testing but all opinions expressed are my own and I received a copy of the finalised pattern for taking part.


Hepburn Pants by Wardrobe by Me Patterns

I am forever trying to find the elusive perfect fitting pair of pants, although with an ever changing body I’m sure that is near impossible. After reading numerous articles about pant fitting, close enough is good enough given that fabric also is an important factor in fit.

The tester* call went out for the Hepburn Pants by Wardrobe by Me Patterns  (**affiliate link) and I have tested and sewn up a few of Christina’s patterns before so I knew the instructions are great but also the fit suits my body shape.

They are a classic high waisted pant although I wouldn’t say really high waisted, just comfortable really. The details include back welt pockets, front fly with zip, side pockets and belt loops. The size range is US 0-24 and drafted for a height of 5’6″ (172cm).  There are two different led widths, a straight leg and the ever so trendy wider leg and the pattern naturally comes with the layers option and trimless pages.

I used some premium cotton sateen in Ash (96% cotton/ 4% spandex) for mine which falls in the recommended fabrics of being bottom weight and having 3-5% Lycra or elastane. I made view A , straight leg, in a size 12. It’s been a while since I made a pair of pants so thought this might be a long sew. Surprisingly they came together quite quickly simply because of the great pictorials in the instructions.

I had no trouble with the fly and zipper insertion, which can get confusing if you don’t do them often, and also the welt pockets turned out great. Also best of all I didn’t make any modifications to the pattern and think the fit is pretty good.


I am wearing them with a bit of heel in these pictures however may go back and shorten them as this is how they turn out directly from the pattern and I am not 172cm tall and more to the point I will probably wear them most commonly with flat shoes.

I am super excited to make more of these and play with the leg shape. My next pair may be more of a cigarette pant. Check them out as they are currently on sale for $12.00 ($13.77 AUD) until the end of September.

*The pattern was provided to me free of charge for testing but all opinions expressed are my own and I received a copy of the finalised pattern for taking part.

**This post contains affiliate links to Wardrobe by Me Patterns

Sequoia Cargo Pants by Itch to Stitch

Cargo pants are a really versatile wardrobe staple. They can be worn casual with thongs or sneakers or worn dressy with heels and classy flats.

I tested* the Sequoia Cargo Pants (**aff. link) by Itch to Stitch because I was lacking a pair in my wardrobe and judging by my Pinterest board I was needing some. My initial inspiration was to make some khaki ones but the right fabric was no where to be found. I first made a muslin using some khaki polyester/cotton fabric just to check fit so didn’t really finish them beyond basic construction, although I did only baste them together, so taking them apart shouldn’t be a long process.

My final pair were made using navy drill (100% cotton) and navy knit for the waistband. The pattern comes in multiple sizes (00-20), ability to print in layers a number of features for a professional finish. They have a functional fly front zipper, front and back patch pockets and a long pants or shorts options. I opted for the pants version which also has side cargo pants pockets and a leg strap to roll them up if preferred (which I omitted).

I ended up going down a size from my muslin stage and otherwise construction went together well. These have all the traditional features of Cargo Pants and the ribbed waistband make them extra comfortable. I couldn’t find the hardware/snaps to add to my pockets after visiting three fabric stores so left them off. The instructions for the zipper fly are very good if you haven’t done one before they can be somewhat intimidating.

Considering there are so many fiddly bits with the pockets and front fly, construction is relatively simple and fast if you are sequential and organised when sewing these up. The main disruption while sewing these I think is the pressing between sewing mostly due to the pockets.


I have worn mine quite a few times since making these and they are baggier than when I first made them so I think next time I may go down one size for personal preference. I have so many versions of these in my head that I want to make and I actually do plan on finishing off my muslin pair once I’ve seam ripped them apart. It also may be slightly visible if you look closely at my pockets, that I used white serger thread, ooops!!

*The pattern was provided to me free of charge for testing but all opinions expressed are my own and I received a copy of the finalised pattern for taking part.

**This post contains affiliate links to Itch To Stitch

Alyse Pants by DesignerStitch Patterns

Are you after that elusive perfect pant pattern? I know I am. I have made 2 pairs of well fitting, but not perfect pants in the past, the Sewaholic Thurlows and Simplicity 3850 Built by Wendy (OOP). Both have been worn well and need replacing so I agreed to test the Alyse Pants* by DesignerStitch Patterns, of the patterns I have tested for Ann to date, I find the fit generally pretty good.

This is good value for money as the Alyse pattern comes with a slim, taper or wide leg and a short, 7/8th or long leg length. There are two front functional pockets and a side zip.

As always, I forged ahead with version 1 without alterations. The front rise was too long and I had back leg wrinkling, no different from RTW. This pattern is designed for fabrics with stretch, mine was black premium cotton sateen (96% cotton/ 4% spandex). The pants ended up shorter than I would have liked as when I got home from the fabric store my fabric measured 1.5m even though I paid for two. I wasn’t about to take the kids back so got creative with my cutting. Most pieces fit but I was 5cm short on the front leg pieces so shortened the back legs too. I ended up hemming them with 25mm single fold black bias binding to preserve as much length as possible. The other option would have been to do the shorter length but given it’s autumn, these are more functional.

         Alyse pants side                   Alyse pants front Alyse pants front 2 Alyse pants back

Version 2 was made using black premium cotton sateen (96% cotton/ 4% spandex) again. Due to some excess fabric at the front with my first pair, for version 2 I removed a 2cm wedge from the front, starting 8cm below the waist line and at a length of 15cm. This time I turned up the length as instructed.

Alyse pants v2 side                                        Alyse pants v2 side 2 Alyse pants v2 back

FYI, I have actually worn the second pair so much I noticed some fabric runs/damage in one of the calves so not only do I have to sew another pair, I will probably cut these short to capri length for spring to salvage them.

fabric run

 You just have to be aware that since the suggested fabric may have a stretch component, you may get some bagging out after wearing them for a day but they are a well fitting and great written pattern.

*The pattern was provided to me free of charge for testing, all opinions expressed are my own and I received a copy of the finalised pattern for taking part.

Lena Pants… or my Tencel Harems by DesignerStitch Patterns

I never got into the harem pants trend, it wasn’t really my look and I thought the low crotch and excess fabric would be bothersome. Well, low and behold I made a pair. Ann from DesignerStitch Patterns put a call out for testers* for the Lena pants just as the Jenny dress testing had come to a close. That dress fit perfectly and the pattern and instructions were spot on so thought to give these a try. I was swayed by the fact they were a modified version of a harem pant with a less pronounced drop crotch. They have a self fabric cuff, pockets, elastic waistband and optional drawstring on the waistband. I used tencel fabric, light weight dark wash denim (not sure of content) for mine, hoping to have a casual pair of pants.

                 Lena pants side                                              Lena pants front

Using fabric with good drape is a must for this pattern. Other testers were far more creative and used sarongs for their versions.

Construction was actually super fast. I didn’t encounter any problems from printing to ironing the last seam.

Lena pants front 2Lena pants back

The verdict…. These came out better than I anticipated, I wasn’t sure if they would make me look bottom heavy . I now have a comfortable, casual go to pair of pants that are functional for playing with the kids. Not my normal silhouette buy I’m glad I tried them out. There may be a “dressier” pair in the horizon but I have a pile of other selfish sewing to get through first.

*The pattern was provided to me free of charge for testing, all opinions expressed are my own and I received a copy of the finalised pattern for taking part.