Family Passport Wallet by Rebecca Page

I’m lagging behind posting my RP Brand Ambassador makes so you might get a few coming up in quick succession.

The Family Passport Wallet (**affiliate link) is a really quick sew, once all the pieces are cut out and interfaced that is. The instructions are clear and actually it’s a fun project. It’s a decent size, 4.5 in x 11 in ( 11.43 cm x 27.94 cm) completed, and can hold up to four passports and has a pocket for boarding passes. Suggested fabric is cotton, something quite durable, especially if you are a seasoned traveler.

I will mention though that you need to stitch down the centre of one of the pocket pairs, not both, otherwise you will end up with small pockets on the left and right instead of having a larger pocket on one side. This is in the instructions but possibly may be misinterpreted.

I used some fun stash fabric. The outside is prints charming # 4 confetti in pink (100% cotton) and the inside is red prints charming #12 (100% cotton), and I’m sure one of my daughters will claim this if they see it. The suggested closure is a magnet however I only had snaps on hand and they worked equally as effective as I’m sure velcro would too.

The awesome thing about The Family Passport Wallet is that it is a freebie, and worthwhile downloading. It’s great if you are genuinely traveling but also for holding notebooks, coloring stuff and also if you are creative enough you can hack it into a purse. Also think about all the gifts you can make from this pattern.

**This post contains affiliate links to Rebecca Page Patterns