Simplicity 1872 Cynthia Rowley …. Not so simple! and New Look 6107 Skirt

What started off as a relatively simple make turned into a near disaster. I’ve had this Simplicity 1872 Cynthia Rowley pattern in the stash for a while initially bought to make view B with a gradient colour skirt but needless to say I went with view A instead as I was after a top to go with a newly made skirt. It’s described as a Misses’ pullover dress with tiered skirt or top and tie belt.


I used some premium faille in ivory which is 100% polyester and 147cm wide. All was going well with just the sleeves and hem to finish off when under the hot iron I burnt a hole in the back, don’t ask how or why because I don’t even know, I honestly thought I was being careful. I failed to take a photo of the offending patch before I cut it out but here it is after. It was in such an awkward place on the upper back I couldn’t figure out how to mend it discreetly.

burn hole   burn hole close-up

Disappointed I just put the top back in the cupboard until I was ready to tackle it again, some 4 weeks later! I decided to cut an opening in the back, perhaps a design feature or in this case a Tim Gunn “Make It Work” moment, and just as well I hadn’t attached the sleeves yet as I used those pieces of fabric to cut strips of bias tape to bind the hole. There was horrible gaping which I believe was caused by some strips not being cut on the true bias. After sitting on it for a couple of days it just didn’t feel right so I unpicked the bias and bought some ready made in the closest colour possible. I found the cut out gaped a fair bit and put in a seam at the centre back (took in about 1 inch) both above and below the cut out hoping it would make the back sit flat. The top has a lot of ease so these seams also made the top more fitted than it was supposed to be. I would probably cut a size smaller next time.

back 2

I don’t think it will hold up too well as there isn’t really any reinforcement (interfacing) but I’m hoping to get a few wears from it at least. I’ll see how it goes overtime and maybe sew on a chiffon insert at a later date. The waist did come up a bit big but the thread belt loops help keep the tie belt in place when belted tightly. There is also some gaping at the front and needs to be worn with something underneath even though it is meant to be a blousy style and there are no closures. I’m also glad in the end I didn’t add the tie up sleeves as I think there would have been too much going on.

cut out close up

I wore this top on new years and was not happy with it after all. There is some weird twisting that happens at the front whereby the top ends up over to the right. Also there is still gaping at one of the cut out sides at the back and is uncomfortable as the armholes are too tight, again! I will probably unpick the bias and make the armhole deeper and then give this top another go before I trash it.

I am wearing it here with New Look 6107 View D, the reason I originally made this top to have an ensemble. The colours in the skirt fabric have been pretty hard to match. It a pencil skirt with back lapped zip and back vent. I used Luna printed cotton sateen in violet (97% cotton/3% spandex) and didn’t line this skirt because I wanted to check the fit which is generally ok. I might taper in the bottom slighly for subsequent versions and providing there is no stretch in the fabric cut the same size otherwise I may cut the next size down in future. I handstitched the hem but otherwise followed the instructions provided.

side 2SideIt probably seems like with my sewing lately I have had a few accidents but mostly things have gone well. I am posting a bit out of order so I haven’t become disheartened by any means. I put it down to being a little careless as I sew at night once the kiddos are sleeping and perhaps not as focused as one should be. They are all lessons in sewing which will only improve my skills and hopefully concentration.