FREE Unicorn Pillow Pattern by Rebecca Page as a Brand Ambassador

The FREE Unicorn Pillow (**affiliate link) pattern from Rebecca Page is definitely on trend because which child doesn’t love the fantasy world. My girls love unicorns so this month it was a no brainer of what to make for them.

I must admit I fabric shopped myself for this project, they had no say in what they were getting but I’m happy to report both gave me the thumbs up. I chose printed poplin milky way sparkle (100% cotton) for the main body, horn and outer ears, poly organza in pink (100% polyester) for the mane and some stash silver nylon/spandex (unknown exact composition) for the mane, inner ears and fringe. The silver spandex obviously was a stretch fabric so I interfaced it for the smaller pattern pieces but didn’t bother with the mane so that it could be gathered easily.  They eyes I cut out of black felt and the nose from purple felt and blanket stitched them onto the face. My horn was embellished with a silver ribbon from my stash.

I did go rogue a bit with the mane because I was using sheer fabric, rather than cut two pieces and sew them along the long edge. I cut my strip double the width and folded it in half because I didn’t want a visible seam.

I’m happy to report that the excitement was high when these were gifted to the kids. Now back to sewing for me again :).

Keep in mind you aren’t restricted to the pattern for this pillow, but by your imagination. Some people have sewn ponys, dragons and deers by being creative. These also make great gifts so I suggest you get sewing to fill up your present cupboards.

**This post contains affiliate links to Rebecca Page Patterns

Ballerina Tooth Fairy Pillow by Rebecca Page

As a brand ambassador it’s my job to sew and promote Patterns by Rebecca Page. I’ve been a bit slack on the promoting lately but wanted to be organised this time around. Aided by the fact my sewing room is no longer in existence, I have more time to catch up on blog posts than sew.

My oldest is 6 and yet to loose a tooth, I believe she now has four wobbly teeth so this was the perfect opportunity to get ready for when that time comes.

Rebecca Page has released a trio of tooth fairy pillows in the Tooth Fairy Pillow Pattern**. There is a a ‘Big Tooth’ pillow, a ‘Monster Teeth’ pillow with removable teeth, or a ‘Ballerina Tooth’ pillow complete with tutu.

The finished measurements of the pillows are:

  • Big Tooth Pillow – 5.5 inches x 5.5 inches
  • Monster Teeth Pillow – 5.5 inches x 5 inches
  • Ballerina Tooth Pillow – 4.75 inches x 5.25 inches

As a mum of girls I couldn’t go past the ballerina. This really is such a quick pattern to sew and is also a great scrap buster. I used white drill (100% cotton) for the pillow and some pink tulle for the ballet tutu. I went a bit rogue with the face. The pattern suggests embroidery and has a different template but I ended up drawing mine on with fabric pens. I do think next time I would rather the embroidered look or perhaps paint the face on. I also chose to make mine the hanging version and sewed the matching ribbon at the top edge of the tulle and gave her a hair bow.

To convince you further….. The Tooth Fairy Pillow Pattern is a freebie at the Rebecca Page shop so if you don’t need it right now pop it in your cart anyway because all in all, it’s such a fun, quick project, and also a great gift idea. Possibilities are endless as you can use the pattern as a guide to stimulate your imagination. Perhaps it’s worth getting your children involved in sewing this one.

** This post contains affiliate links to Rebecca Page