When the Fabric You Have is Just Not Enough….Except for a NewLook 6735 Top

I admit I am a bit of a shocker when it comes to fabric. I often go to the fabric store when they have a sale and see something I like and buy it without any regards to what I will make with it. So when inspiration finally strikes I often fall a bit short on fabric and have to be creative or go to plan B which is stick it back in the cupboard. I guess that is how the stash builds up.

Newlook 6735 frontnewlook6735 front 2

I bought this Romance vintage cream lace 137cm wide (70% cotton/ 30% nylon) a while back because I wanted a tshirt style top that was a bit dressy to transition from day wear to night if need be.

Rummaging through my pattern stash I found NewLook 6735 which I have never used before. Naturally the pattern is for stretch knits but who am I to follow rules? I only had 1m of the lace and it is non-stretch while the pattern calls for 1.3m. Due to the fabric shortage I was not able to pattern match the back seam but was some what successful on the sides.

I was initially planning to construct this using french seams but the lace is quite thick and the seams aren’t all that visible from the right side so I finished them off with the overlocker. The neckline is way too wide which is my fault, not only because I probably cut 2 sizes too big, but the pattern actually calls for a self neckband which I omitted because I was using woven fabric. I should have accounted for that loss in height by extending my neckline both front and back pattern pieces by at least 2 inches. I used 12mm single fold bias tape to finish off the neckline and half the armholes to cover the seams below the cap sleeves and topstitched. The cap sleeves were constructed by tracing out the appropriate short sleeve and cutting off 9cm from the length. I serged the hem and turned and topstitched.

newlook 6735 sleeve

Given the problem with the neckline, the back also gapes but I think this also has to do with my narrow back, I think, although I always thought I had wide shoulders. I might have to look into this a bit further as I normally have to take in dresses and tops by about 1 to 2 inches either side of the centre back seam on my upper back. I might have to go back and fix this before I wear the top again.

newlook 6735 back

For me, sewing is an ongoing learning experience. What do I take away from this? Try and use the fabrics recommended and buy more than just a metre. I guess I have come up with a bit of a formula to save myself some heartache in the future:

  • short sleeved top 1.5m
  • long sleeved top 2m
  • fitted skirt 1.5m
  • fuller skirt 2m
  • dress 2.5-3m

And it doesn’t matter too much if I have some left over as I have 2 daughters to sew for.

What are your fabric buying formulas?