Linea A-Line Skirt by Wardrobe By Me

It’s time for me to start thinking about my winter wardrobe because there are definitely gaps. The tester* call for the Linea A-line skirt (**affiliate link) by Wardrobe By Me had me thinking of a warm winter midi skirt I could wear with boots but when I was fabric shopping nothing really caught my eye.

I saw some sierra manhattan crepe knit (95% polyester/5% elastane) and thought this would make the skirt trans-seasonal anyway and the fact that it is an unusual colour for me to wear would challenge me. This skirt pattern requires stretch fabric as it has an elastic waist and the pocket edges need interfacing to stop them stretching out, which is also mentioned in the instructions. I chose to make a size 12 view B which has pockets, in the longer skirt option although there is a shorter skirt (view A). View C is a flounce skirt, equally as cute too. The front and back panels are made up of two pattern pieces sewn together down the middle. I wasn’t sure whether to top stitch or not on either side of the seam as I didn’t want to ruin my skirt. In the end I did and am happy with the resulting skirt.


I tried styling it with a white top however I wore this to easter lunch with a black long sleeve top, tights and boots, and felt quite chic in both. Maybe it will be quite a versatile colour after all.

I like a-line skirts as they are flattering but the little details on this pattern elevate it to an awesome pattern. My future sewing goal for this skirt is to get my wool version sewn up before winter is over.

*The pattern was provided to me free of charge for testing but all opinions expressed are my own and I received a copy of the finalised pattern for taking part.

Mirri Wrap Dress by Wardrobe by Me

The Mirri Wrap Dress** by Wardrobe by Me Patterns has been popular over the sewing web however it recently underwent a re vamp with an increase in the size range (US 0-24 & EU 30-54) and improved instructions and I was happy to be part of the testing process*.

The Mirri dress is body-hugging with a faux wrap bodice and a shawl-like classic collar. The neckline is a modest V and the skirt is fitted through the high hip area and flared at the hem. The pattern comes with four length options, blouse, knee, mid calf and maxi length.

I made the mid calf length using black and multi cheetah rayon knit (95% rayon/5% elastane). I had some head scratching to do when it came to creating the pleats on the bodice at first, not sure why I was so perplexed when really it is explained well in the instructions, but I think I was folding the wrong way initially. The shawl collar also requires some concentration to ensure the fabrics are facing the correct way, ensure you are focused at this point as it can get confusing but the finish is really nice. Or maybe it was confusing for me because this was a late night sew!

I’m so happy to have another dress in my wardrobe that is easy to wash and wear and feels great on. I think this is a very flattering style. Since I have made 2 faux wrap dresses quite close together I will change my focus for a bit. I have lots still to blog about and lots of sewing to do as my stash shrinking is not going to well and I had a big buying month in March. More on that at a later date.

*The pattern was provided to me free of charge for testing but all opinions expressed are my own and I received a copy of the finalised pattern for taking part.

**This post contains affiliate links to Wardrobe by Me Patterns

Grace Dress and Tunic by Wardrobe by Me

I have made a couple of things so far this year, however this was the first pattern test* I have done for myself. The Grace Dress and Tunic (**affiliate link) is a classic dress that will gets lots of rotation in my wardrobe in every season. It is best made in a lightweight woven fabric that has lots of drape. I used some Black sparrows printed rayon 135cm (100% viscose rayon) which I did buy particularly for this test this month but at least it is out of the stash just as quick.

The pattern has 3 sleeve lengths, including a sleeveless version along with two different necklines and four skirt lengths. The size range covers US 0-24 (EU 30-54). There are also a number of little features that make it really pretty and girly such as gathers at both the neckline and back and also in the sleeve at the shoulder. It’s a bit hard to see in my busy fabric however and I’m not sure if the close ups really show it either.

There is a tie band hidden in the waist seam which once again is difficult to see in my fabric and gives a nice blouson effect when tied. The different views are more obvious in the line drawing.

View A: Long sleeve, collar band, straight skirt with two lengths, optional pockets.
View B: Shorter sleeve with ruffle, neckline binding, longer skirt with ruffle tier. optional pockets
View C: Tunic length with curved hem. Choose any sleeve or neckline.

I made view B but omitted the pockets. I usually prefer pockets in my clothing but felt this time I would go without as realistically I will always have a bag with me when I wear this out. I also ended up with a really nice finish around the neckline which I am extremely proud of. There are also some sewing techniques that I don’t really like, and for some odd reason, gathering is one of those. This dress has quite a bit but the outcome is worth it.

In hindsight I probably should have made the sleeveless version, it is a bit more summary, but come autumn and winter, tights and ankle boots will get this dress through year long wear.

The dress is releasing at $10.00 (reg $ 12.00), and will be on sale until Feb. 8th. I highly recommend it and may require above beginner skill level only because of the collar, a sleeve with cuff and lot of gathers, depending on which option you choose.

*The pattern was provided to me free of charge for testing but all opinions expressed are my own and I received a copy of the finalised pattern for taking part.

**This post contains affiliate links to Wardrobe by Me Patterns

Diana Wrap Dresses by Wardrobe by Me

This post is so over due …… here’s why!

I first made two versions of the Diana Wrap Dress back in March 2016 when I tested for Wardrobe by Me (**affiliate link). I have worn those dresses quite a bit and needed a new dress that allowed baby feeding access at the time. This summer I will just be able to enjoy wearing it without that functionality anymore.


I made this when I had a christening to attend. I used a multi printed tropical rayon knit (95% viscose/ 5% elastane) and went with the no collar, short sleeve version although there is the option of also making the collar detachable and 5 sleeve lengths. I wanted a maxi dress so lengthened the dress by 14 inches and due to fabric restrictions, I tapered the skirt for a straighter look using the notch at the hip for reference and I just cut straight down to the hem. Construction wise I followed the instructions which are clear and have great pictorials.


Because I have made this dress before, I knew I didn’t have to alter for fit which is great for me and made it and a relatively quick sew. I think the nature of the wrap dress is to flatter all women which I think this pattern does and I always feel good when I wear them.

**This post contains affiliate links to Wardrobe by Me Patterns

Hepburn Pants by Wardrobe by Me Patterns

I am forever trying to find the elusive perfect fitting pair of pants, although with an ever changing body I’m sure that is near impossible. After reading numerous articles about pant fitting, close enough is good enough given that fabric also is an important factor in fit.

The tester* call went out for the Hepburn Pants by Wardrobe by Me Patterns  (**affiliate link) and I have tested and sewn up a few of Christina’s patterns before so I knew the instructions are great but also the fit suits my body shape.

They are a classic high waisted pant although I wouldn’t say really high waisted, just comfortable really. The details include back welt pockets, front fly with zip, side pockets and belt loops. The size range is US 0-24 and drafted for a height of 5’6″ (172cm).  There are two different led widths, a straight leg and the ever so trendy wider leg and the pattern naturally comes with the layers option and trimless pages.

I used some premium cotton sateen in Ash (96% cotton/ 4% spandex) for mine which falls in the recommended fabrics of being bottom weight and having 3-5% Lycra or elastane. I made view A , straight leg, in a size 12. It’s been a while since I made a pair of pants so thought this might be a long sew. Surprisingly they came together quite quickly simply because of the great pictorials in the instructions.

I had no trouble with the fly and zipper insertion, which can get confusing if you don’t do them often, and also the welt pockets turned out great. Also best of all I didn’t make any modifications to the pattern and think the fit is pretty good.


I am wearing them with a bit of heel in these pictures however may go back and shorten them as this is how they turn out directly from the pattern and I am not 172cm tall and more to the point I will probably wear them most commonly with flat shoes.

I am super excited to make more of these and play with the leg shape. My next pair may be more of a cigarette pant. Check them out as they are currently on sale for $12.00 ($13.77 AUD) until the end of September.

*The pattern was provided to me free of charge for testing but all opinions expressed are my own and I received a copy of the finalised pattern for taking part.

**This post contains affiliate links to Wardrobe by Me Patterns

Diana Wrap Dress by Wardrobe By Me

I have tested for Wardrobe by Me before but have the draft of that post still sitting on the computer, hopefully it will be published shortly. Nonetheless, who can refuse a dress inspired by the famous DVF? Not I. I have been searching for a perfect fitting wrap dress, and have made a couple, such as this one, or this one, but neither of those have the ideal comfort or fit factor.

                  WBM wrap side WBM wrap side 2WBM wrap front

WBM wrap backThe Diana wrap dress is perfect! I’m not just saying that either because I was a tester*.  I didn’t make any pattern adjustments and quickly made two versions during the testing time frame. The pattern comes with 4 sleeve lengths and 2 collars, as well as a sleeveless version. The sneaky thing about these collars is that they are detachable so you can really get two different looking dresses from one sew.

The wrap dress ties around the waist and has a slight flare from the hips. Instructions are provided for lengthening the skirt to a maxi dress version. There is a layered option for printing and no trim pages. Ideal fabric to use should have a minimum of 3% lycra or elastane, you really do need something with good drape, ask me how I know!!!

Version 1 above was made with vintage flowers charmeuse fabric (98% polyester/2% spandex). Construction is really well written in the final version with nice pictorials. I found that although the size was perfect, my fabric choice made the dress a bit tight around the bust and arms but entirely my fault as my fabric wasn’t stretchy enough.

I decided to make a second version with the recommended fabric, it’s an ITY blue knit (95% polyester/5% spandex). The fit is much better overall and extremely comfortable. I can’t wait to make more versions, especially in the different length sleeves. This is a classic pattern and a great fit. The seam allowances are small (0.7cm) and although knit fabric rarely frays, I chose to overlock my seams for neatness. This meant I had to overlock the pattern pieces before sewing as an opening is left at one of the side seams so the belt can be threaded through.

WBM Diane front                  WBM Diane side WBM Diane side 2

WBM Diane backI didn’t change the length of the pattern and think it sits right at my preferred length. Both these dresses have been in regular rotation since making them for a number of reasons, easy and comfortable to wear and they don’t require ironing :).

*The pattern was provided to me free of charge for testing but all opinions expressed are my own and I received a copy of the finalised pattern for taking part.