Cold Weather SWAP 2016

At the beginning of every year I write a sewing list which gets edited many times throughout the year. Last year was the first time I actually made somewhat of a visual capsule wardrobe with my SWAP 2015.

Surprisingly I sewed up quite a lot of my 2015 plan, those I didn’t make were due to the fact I had similar or alternative items to wear. As a brief overview this is how my plan started, and not to mention there was lots of blue in the palette.

basics fabrics and patterns

And this is what I made, 13 items out of 20, obviously swapping out some fabric colours and patterns to suit my needs. I have 2 more of these cut out and ready to sew so almost 15/20 – I think that’s a good accomplishment. (Each photo links to the post for that item)

New look 6107 side 3     new look 6107 belted side 2   Simplicity 1425 front Tania's and Mccalls 6960 front 2   Mccalls 6514 front 2   Simplcity 3850 front 3   Wonderland blue front front  mccalls 6503 front  New look 6301 front FT Simplicity 1354 side   Foxglove tank front

So for this year I have decided to do two seasonal SWAPs. First I will tackle autumn/winter, or as I’ve called it, the Cold Weather SWAP 2016. I have enough warm weather clothes to get me through the rest of summer in the Southern Hemisphere. Although it won’t stop me from sewing warm weather clothes if I feel like it.

I used Polyvore to assemble my mini wardrobe and have mentally tried to stick to stash patterns and fabric wherever I could. Most silhouettes are actually quite simple, I think my biggest challenge will be the Moto jacket, and I’m excited about that – there are some great patterns out there. My Cold SWAP 2016 was partially designed so that pieces would also fit in with my existing wardrobe. I realise I may be slightly ambitious with some items but I did cheat a bit though as a couple of the items I have already sewn these past few months whilst doing pattern testing. 

This year I am mainly going with neutrals and a splash of red for colour. I haven’t been as organised to pattern match the items just yet but having a visual plan is good as done.

I hope you get some items off your sewing list to get 2016 off to a great start.

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